International Marketing of Education Services

We specialise in promoting UK Education products and services into the People’s Republic of China. We have our own team there and have our own Chinese registered company which gives us a public broadcasting ability to use the social media phonomenom WeChat. We develop contacts and networks which are constantly giving us excellent insights to what Chinese families are looking for in an education for their children.

Based in the UK, Meridian has worked for many years in International Marketing for Public and Private sector organisations for their development into local and global markets. We work with UK Schools, Colleges, Universities, Summer Schools and Learning & Activity Camps.

We work in partnership with a major UK teacher Agency for assisting schools throughout China recruit their requirement of teachers, and are the chosen UK partner for developing the learning of Mandarin to UK schools and individuals through live online teachers direct from Beijing.

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The Promotion of UK Education


In understanding and helping Chinese families, we have become aware of their preferences and requirements, and their standards and needs for their children’s learning when considering a school or college in the UK. For online learning, the benefits here are for very young children to start to learn correct English as well as Maths and other languages, all which help with securing UK school places later, while older students can gain British certification in many courses which assist enormously in professional advancement.


We have developed our range of services to offer innovative educational assistance to deliver excellent opportunities to selected educational establishments in the UK by taking them directly into the student recruitment market by the correct methodology and key channels of localised promotion and marketing. We are now also working with UK universities.

It is our understanding of the requirements that Chinese families are looking for along with the use of the vital social media ability inside China that have enabled us to develop our niche abilities to place UK education centres properly in front of this market, and which give schools and colleges excellent contact and recruitment opportunities directly to the families and students themselves.


We have witnessed a rapidly increasing appetite for online learning, which assists all ages in developing their abilities in languages and other skills. We provide localisation inside of the ‘Great Firewall’ which puts online businesses into China where they are seen and found on the search engines and social media platforms within the PRC.

Search engines in the west such as Google are unstable and hardly used, BaiDu being the engine used extensively throughout the country. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are all banned. It is essential to develop your brand and business using the Chinese country platforms which are many, dependent on your target demographic market.

Who do we work with?


Meridian are working with many of the very top and highly acclaimed independent schools, Summer schools, State schools and Colleges throughout the UK for their student recruitment and brand marketing into the PRC. We are also now working with universities.

We conduct promotional marketing initiatives and e-commerce sales with high quality online learning providers based in the UK, selling a range of language courses at all levels, Legal English training, Maths, etc for all ages from children through to adults.

We also manage and invigilate exams at our Examination centres in China.

What our Clients say

Thank you very much for all your assistance to myself and my daughters for both selecting school options for them and courses for me while I am based in the UK. You have given me very good advice and suggestions. Also, during my daughters study with your nominated language school in the summer your contact to them and feeding back of information enabled good progress for all.

- Mrs Zhang, Beijing