• Consultancy to Chinese families of options and pathways for the best British education – School Selection and Admissions, Tutoring and Guardianship
  • British School Tours – Meetings with Heads & Admissions
  • Teacher Recruitment for Schools and English Learning Centres
  • Elite European Football camps in China – skills coaching with world famous clubs at schools
  • British & European Football Tours – Premiership Academy coaching and ‘behind the scenes’ at iconic stadia
  • Consultancy for Chinese investors and British education

Based in the UK and China, Meridian works closely with UK Schools, Colleges, Universities, Summer Schools and Learning & Activity Camps for student applications
We also work with International and Chinese schools in the PRC

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What our Clients say - 3 Case Studies

Mrs Zhang, Beijing.

Thank you very much for all your assistance to myself and my daughters for both selecting school options for them and courses for me while I am based in the UK. You have given me very good advice and suggestions. Also, during my daughters study with your nominated language school in the summer your contact to them and feeding back of information enabled good progress for all.

Ms Sasa Qi, Hong Kong 对 Mr Brian Mclean 的感谢函
今年年初我计划送我儿子到英国升学但苦無门路。后经好友介绍认识了Brian 先生。Brian 先生雖身处英国伦敦但通过电话沟通已幇我做了初步分析和建议。在很短时间內便安排了一家在英国爱丁堡的中学招生主任在香港和我儿子会面并测试了我儿子的程度以决定可以申请的学校级别。

完成了初步的测试和会谈后,Brian 先生又提出了一些很好的建议并再安排了两所中学与我们以视频通话确定我儿子应採取的步骤以达到能进入心仪的英国高等中学。整个过程是相当有效的。由於我对英国环境不大熟识,Brian 先生更亲身陪同我们在英国参观了几所中学以便我儿子在适当时候可有效的做决擇。
我儿子在暑假期间经Brian 先生的安排入读了一所英国的国际学校。於该学期完滿完成后,他还亲身从学校接送我儿子到机场回港。确是省卻了我很多心里憂虑的事情。现在Brian 先生正幇助我儿子准备来年在英国上学的事宜。期待Brian 先生能继续给予支持幇助使我儿子能到英国升读優良的中学和大学。
在此我感谢Brian 先生的幇助及支持。
Ms Sasa Qi (Hong Kong) - Thank you letter to Mr Brian Mclean.
At the beginning of the year I decided to send my son to a UK school. A friend introduced me to Mr Brian Mclean who is based in London (Meridian Education). Over the phone (& WeChat) I discused the preliminary analysis and suggestions recommended. Very quickly it was arranged with a top school based near Edinburgh and whose Director of Admissions was in Hong Kong to meet my son and determine his level for an application.
Following discussions Mr Brian put forward good advice and arranged various options for us along with video interviews at two schools. The process is very effective.
During a trip to the UK Mr Brian personally escorted us to several Middle schools for visits to consider as possible school selections. During the whole summer my son attended a specialist British International school who prepares children for Middle school entry and he was assisted in all areas of Guardianship including airport collection and drop offs.
Now my son will be helped with going to a top school next year and we look forward to the continued assistance for the rest of his UK education.
I thank Mr Brian for his help and support.

Ms Chen, Ningbo -

习。除了选择学校,Mr.Brian在其他方面也提供了非常多的帮助,比如在我们办理英国签证时提供了住宿地址,给我们解决了一个非常大的麻烦。给我们讲解一些关于英国的生活常识。帮助女儿买了手机,并在学校的Exeat weekend的时候,接送女儿,解决了女儿的周末住宿问题。总之,Brian除了在英国留学方面给你非常专业的意见之外,他还可以提供你在英国的住、行等各方面的建议。
Through an intermediary, we met Mr Brian Mclean. He was a very good man and a great help to us in choosing when I helped my daughter to find the right school and also British school tour. One of the major things that helped my daughter was getting to a school that was 'perfect' for her. Inside of one month she adapted herself to the school life and happy ability to study. In addition to choosing a school Mr Brian has been very helpful in others areas such as with the application for a UK visa which had given us a big problem. He informed us about life in Britain, assisted in getting a cell phone for my daughter and collected her on the school Exceat weekend solving her weekend accommodation problem. To sum up, Brian can give you very professional advice on studying in the UK, as well as advice on how to live and travel in the UK also.

The Promotion of UK Education


In understanding and helping Chinese families, we have become aware of their preferences and requirements, and their standards and needs for their children’s learning when considering a school or college in the UK. For online learning, the benefits here are for very young children to start to learn correct English as well as Maths and other languages, all which help with securing UK school places later, while older students can gain British certification in many courses which assist enormously in professional advancement.


We have developed our range of services to offer innovative educational assistance to deliver excellent opportunities to selected educational establishments in the UK by taking them directly into the student recruitment market by the correct methodology and key channels of localised promotion and marketing. We are now also working with UK universities.

It is our understanding of the requirements that Chinese families are looking for along with the use of the vital social media ability inside China that have enabled us to develop our niche abilities to place UK education centres properly in front of this market, and which give schools and colleges excellent contact and recruitment opportunities directly to the families and students themselves.


We have witnessed a rapidly increasing appetite for online learning, which assists all ages in developing their abilities in languages and other skills. We provide localisation inside of the ‘Great Firewall’ which puts online businesses into China where they are seen and found on the search engines and social media platforms within the PRC.

Search engines in the west such as Google are unstable and hardly used, BaiDu being the engine used extensively throughout the country. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are all banned. It is essential to develop your brand and business using the Chinese country platforms which are many, dependent on your target demographic market.

Who do we work with?


Meridian are working with many of the very top and highly acclaimed independent schools, Summer schools, State schools and Colleges throughout the UK for their student recruitment and brand marketing into the PRC. We are also now working with universities.

We conduct promotional marketing initiatives and e-commerce sales with high quality online learning providers based in the UK, selling a range of language courses at all levels, Legal English training, Maths, etc for all ages from children through to adults.

We also manage and invigilate exams at our Examination centres in China.