About Us




Meridian was established in 1998 to provide marketing services to companies throughout the UK.

Within three years Meridian was working for many national major blue chip businesses and Public Sector agencies. By 2004 Meridian had evolved into an international marketing agency and had won tenders to provide services and consultancy to support such businesses as UK Trade & Investment, Harris Interactive (for global reach data development) and Think London (for lead generation in China for Inward Investment opportunities).

By 2008 Meridian was working extensively into international markets particularly China, and had delivered projects for such as the Financial Times into various Asia Pacific countries. Our work in China and the relationships developed over many years there took us into initially educational consultancy and thereafter providing services for Chinese families looking for the correct UK school destination for their children.

Now having our team in both the UK and China we are well positioned to provide the best options and opportunities for students to enable them to find the most appropriate school or college to fit their requirement. Too often we have seen Chinese children sent to UK schools totally unsuitable for them, and our mantra is very much to provide the best, unbiased information for them so they have the correct pathway to finding a quality British education perfectly suited to them.

While students coming to the UK from in China is set to keep growing into the future, there is also changes developing beyond the simple format of sending pupils here to study at boarding facilities. They are looking for more variation for experiencing the UK generally and the education options that are here.

Meridian is ideally positioned to assist Chinese families and students for all the requirement they wish regarding education in Britain.