British Guardianship – for Students under 18 yrs

A guardian is required in Britian, by law, for all students under 18 years of age if their parents are not in the country

Overseas parents are naturally anxious about the happiness and welfare of their children when they are far from home. We provide guardianship services, which cover every aspect of an overseas student’s needs

An education guardian is someone who has been given authority to act on behalf of you in all respects and to whom your child’s school can apply for authorisation when necessary

Details about Guardianship

On starting at School, the full details of the education guardian must be given to the School which the student will be studying at.

An education guardian has a responsibility to support the student in their care in any way that will help them get the best out of their stay in a UK boarding school.

The guardian takes an interest in the student’s work and progress, will attend parents’ meetings and generally monitor the academic and social development of the student and report back to their parents. Guardians will also arrange transportation and accommodation for your child’s school holidays. Airport collection and drop-offs.

Guardians are also a vital point of contact for the school. In cases of emergency when the student has fallen ill and needs to be taken away from school, the guardian is expected to step in and make all the medical arrangements necessary.

The guardians are also there so that the student has someone to keep in touch with at any time, whether they have a problem they need to discuss or arrange travel. Above all, the guardian will do everything possible to safeguard and promote the student’s welfare.

Our Guardian Provision

Meridian Education and their guardianship providers have over 10 years experience in the international education sector and understands the needs and concerns of overseas students and their parents.

The guardianship staff aim to provide the support that you and your child need whilst he or she is in education in the UK!  We are that essential link between you and your child’s school.

Our staff provides a personal, caring and professional service throughout the whole of the UK.  All administration is dealt with and held centrally in our main office in the South of England and therefore all queries can be handled quickly and efficiently.

We act as the educational guardians to your child and will take responsibility for any decisions made. We coordinate the guardianship service and we will be your main point of contact for all guardianship issues for your child during the school term.

We also work closely with the consultant who arranged and managed the school selection and admissions process. With knowing the student well and understanding their progress we offer advice on the development of the future education pathway.

Points about our Guardianship Provision

We provide a compassionate and comprehensive service which includes:

• Providing a 24 hour point of contact for parents, pupil, school and homestay.
• Acting with delegated parental authority in the case of an emergency or crisis and in other matters agreed by parents
• Arranging additional tutoring and mentoring programmes throughout the students time at school in the UK
• Visiting the students at least once per term.
• Attending the school’s parents evening and providing the parents with the report from that.
• Providing pastoral and educational support.
• Liaising with the school and parents over holiday arrangements.
• Discussing regularly with the Consultancy who managed the school entry as to academic progress and potential future development.
• Making necessary transportation and accommodation arrangements for school holidays.
• Informing the school in writing about all details of travel arrangements made prior to the pupil leaving school for any weekend or for a longer holiday period.
• Providing parents and the school with the exact details of pupil’s accommodation and the methods of transportation based on the parents’ consent.
• Making necessary transportation and accommodation arrangements if the pupil is suspended or expelled, or has to have a period away from school on medical advice. This includes meeting and escorting the pupil to and from airports when necessary, or making arrangements for this to be done by some other responsible person.
• Communicating with housemaster / housemistress on a regular basis regarding the welfare of the pupil.
• Taking decisions in emergencies on behalf of the parents in cases where the School is not empowered so to do.
• Being responsible for passport, visas and inoculations being kept up to date, if the parents are unable to do this.

What NOT to do

A number of families look to use friends or relatives, or worse - 'friends of freinds' as they feel that all they need is someone who is the appointed 'guardian' while the child is in the country.  This always fails to work and just causes problems.

Official guardians are on call 24/7 throughout the time the child is at school. So often the 'guardians' cannot manage Parents Evenings to report on the progress and well-being of the student, or arrange the transportation to and from school, which ends up becoming a major problem to the family in China and, more to the point, the school.

Please avoid doing this, for the sake of your child.

Contact us for further details of how we can assist you and your child