Marketing UK Institutions in China


To market your school successfully in China, it is essential to be localised – which means promoting yourself within the country and inside their firewall.

Any searches for such key words as ‘UK Education’, British Boarding Schools’ etc from China is unlikely to go anywhere outside of China. Their use of western search engines such as Google is very limited as they are unstable in China, with much government censorship preventing western search engines and certain websites to be seen. ‘Western’ social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are all banned.

You must operate inside of China as Chinese families and students will use their own search methods and social media. They will also be searching using Chinese writing!
It must be remembered that it is the parent generation in China who are the ones investigating and paying for their children’s education and they have virtually no reading or writing ability in English at all.

Promoting schools on search engines in China

Your UK website will never be found in general education searches, and is unlikely to be able to be read anyway.
A Chinese version, or a page in Mandarin on your site is also extremely unlikely to be found.

It is essential to be part of a large information site on education and one which illustrates a full and constantly updated stream of fresh information to Chinese families about UK education.

This is why we have built our site ‘Best UK Schools’ in China showing not only all the main UK Independent schools, but we add regular information that families are looking for. In covering so many aspects of ‘key word’ searches plus offering updated information and school options, our site rises rapidly up search rankings.

With around 180 Senior Boarding schools, plus Preparatory and Summer schools in the UK on our site to choose from, there is a lot of competition and the average parent is going to look seriously at between 3 and 5 schools.

Your school must communicate effectively the strengths which will appeal to your prospective Chinese parents.

What We Do

  • We publish a list of all the best UK Boarding Schools on our Chinese translated website, optimised and promoted in and throughout China –
  • We advise Chinese parents when contacting us on their choice of schools if they have selected a short list, with additional information about each one and why they would be suitable.
  • We offer a free consultancy service to parents to discuss their child’s educational standard and interests, and their school options.
  • We run effective China marketing strategies for UK schools constantly, both online and personally through our own team of representatives in China who speak to Chinese parents and contacts (leads) that we develop.
  • Promotion of our website though telemarketing projects conducted to families who have registered for English language products and British schools information.
  • Run a 24hr helpdesk to handle all enquiries on education from all over China.
  • Provide all communication between students and the chosen school/s for assessments, registrations, entrance exam papers, arranging skype/video interview calls and tutorials with students, completion of all documentation and payment of fees.
  • A UK based office for trip and visit planning and an assisted transport service to bring Chinese families to their shortlisted UK schools, to visit or take entrance exams and interviews.
  • We help your school when you go to China in arranging visits to families and Chinese schools for partnering and relationship development opportunities, the desire for which is growing rapidly. We also manage and translate presentations you can put on during these visits.

We can help your school to demonstrate its suitability to Chinese families

We can help your school to demonstrate its suitability to Chinese families
Meridian’s China Education Services uses its own considerable China experience and in-country team to assist those UK schools who wish to maximise their opportunities in China to recruit top students for full time education.
We utilise both our representatives on the ground, partner agencies and Chinese technology to promote and advertise your school to its fullest potential.

We cover:

  • Website enhancement and development of your school brand and information across the internet, inside of China
  • Provision of your school’s own China ‘virtual’ office, with address
  • (It is highly encouraged to show you have a proper and contactable China presence)
  • 24 hr helpdesk answered on behalf your school with families.
  • Telephone contact number with Email /telephone services to your school
  • Prospectuses and DVDs mailed out from our offices on your behalf
  • Exhibitions and School Fairs attendance
  • Arrange Chinese School Presentations and Relationship opportunities for your school
  • Meet prospective students on these visits and sit down with school directors for formalising long-term relationships
  • Work with referrals from ex-UK students and Chinese student parents
  • All administration required for registration, exam and interview procedures
  • Arranging of meetings with families in China
  • UK trip and travel for Chinese families, bringing them to your door

The premier China website to find UK independent schools

Mixed China and United Kingdom flag, three dimensional render, illustration

Our is the most comprehensive and informative website for UK schools operating in China.

The site is aimed at helping parents narrow their search for the ideal school, from which they then get in touch with us in China to discuss the options. This is the Chinese way and the steps they will take. They are highly unlikely to contact the UK schools directly, both from a cultural point of view in not making ‘cold’ connections but also because of language barriers.

Most important in keeping the site at the forefront of Chinese families and online searches is the regular and extensive amount of news and information that we build into the site every week.