• 20 September 2017

Most of the UK and Europe has never heard of this before – even digital marketing agencies, but the App WeChat which gives all forms of instant contact and sending of text, photos, videos etc has taken China by storm and is now used by virtually everyone, both for personal and business purposes. Overseas Chinese, including those in UK all use it to get connected to each other and those back home in China, and form groups on such topics as ‘Interested in British education’.

Meridian have developed the use of the extensively used social media platform to build communities throughout China. All those linking to the free messaging service will receive ‘pushed’ notices to alert them to such as: UK education presentations, visits by UK school recruitment directors, summer and activity camps in the UK, scholarship opportunities etc as well as all news items relating to British education opportunities.

In order to publish notices about businesses and opportunities – which are not private peer-to-peer contact – it is necessary to have a ‘Public WeChat Account’. This is only available to Chinese companies. Meridian is a company registered in China which makes this possible for ourselves to run.

WeChat has taken over as the communication tool of choice and is more extensively used than emails, the use of which is slowing dramatically. Now 650 million users of all ages are on WeChat in China. This is now a ‘must have’ platform for interacting in China and you can grow a dedicated following of interested families just for your school.

Please see the information about WeChat on this website and on our webpage