Mandarin Learning by ‘live’ Teachers

Meridian are the chosen UK partner for the online teaching of Chinese Mandarin by the 'live' teachers of Beijing based providers LightBeijing

This is the language programme written by Chinese teachers that is the best in the world

This online provider has been accredited as ‘the future of learning Chinese’


Individual learning & After School Clubs

Learning Chinese with teachers 'live' online has been proven to be MUCH more effective than using language learning software.  It can also be very expensive to have Chinese lessons given privately in home or classroom by teachers.

This is the ideal method of introducing the language to schools, where children start by enjoying the rich culture and history of the country as well as begin to pick up words and the writing of characters.

All ages can start to learn with their own selected teacher from the pool available in Beijing to start talking to you immediately!  Just go to

For Business Professionals or Consumers interested in learning Mandarin, go to, read how easy it is to start, pick your teacher and have your FIRST LESSON FREE.  Also see details on brochure below -

Our "After School Clubs" are designed for schools to bring fun and engagement to what is a very important, yet tricky language to learn. Live classroom groups being taken by a teacher in Beijing adds a sense of excitement to the event, and gives youngsters a programme that starts to get them learning through enjoyment and interest.

Our After School Club programme is termed "An Introduction to Learning Chinese" where children begin their learning and exploring of China and the language. Thereafter as they progress they can start to take one-to-one sessions at their individual level to prepare them through to exam stage if wished.

The key is for everyone to learn in their own time and at their own pace with a class that never fails to be delivered. This guarantee of the class always being run and the additional individual teaching as and when wished is the unique flexibility live online teaching brings.  See second document below -