Mandarin learning innovation for After School Clubs

  • 10 December 2017

Meridian has secured the rights to the British market for promoting and selling the learning of Mandarin Chinese in After School Clubs by the leading Chinese ‘live’ online teachers of LightBeijing.

The clubs will be run as an ‘Introduction to Learning Mandarin’ and will focus on starting children of all ages to learn about the history, culture and lifestyle in the country, which develops into learning of the language.  It will be interesting, fun and entertaining – all delivered by ‘live’ teachers online to the classroom screen direct from Beijing.

Beyond the club learning pupils can also take one-to-one individual learning of the language at any time, any place and any day they wish, and at whatever level they wish to develop to.

All ages are also welcome to start learning Mandarin Chinese by going direct to the LightBeijing website and selecting their own teacher from the many available and booking their own requirement to suit themselves at

This is an exciting, entertaining and interesting method of learning a language and one that for both individuals and clubs can never be cancelled.

The teachers ensure that classes will always happen at the appointed time by the selected teacher, or if circumstances were to make that not possible then another will step in to take the class.

Please read more details on our website page – Education Services – Mandarin Learning in ‘After School Clubs’.