Part-Time Marketing Director for you

Meridian can provide your school or college with a part time Marketing Director or Marketing Manager to work with you on the correct strategies for the school’s marketing, your brand development to national (and international channels) and pupil recruitment.

Further to an initial review of your current activities, we can commence with any requirements that you may have, from a cohesive approach to bringing together the workings of your various departments; re-structuring of your current marketing disciplines; a focussed campaign for the growth and development of your school; or for simply working with you to further enhance what you do well already, but possibly haven’t time for with existing staff.

Our team comprises senior Marketers with extensive experience working for many industries in the private and public sector as well as with education and student recruitment.

Our model allows you to take on a senior level Marketer working within your own premises on a part-time basis at a fraction of the cost of a full time equivalent.
You can have arrangements from as little as a half day per week, or fortnight.

Our Marketing specialists work specifically on a part-time basis – to swiftly promote you to your target audience, develop your pipeline of enquiries and prospects and build growth for you. They will not simply spend time making recommendations - they will get their sleeves rolled up and stuck into doing all the required functions that need to happen, be with you for however long you wish, plus develop your own people with their marketing knowledge and experience.

There’s no recruitment fee, holiday or sick pay or NI. Just a marketing expert at a fraction of the cost of a Full time one!

It's even possible for us to work remotely if that was preferred or required.

Also we keep things simple with no lengthy tie-in; you control the time commitment.

What does this type of marketing consist of?

Some of the areas we cover:

• Marketing Strategy: Development & Execution
• Sales/Promotional Processes
• Pipeline Development
• Brand Building & Positioning
• Events
• Digital & Social Marketing
• Getting to the International Student Market
• Mentoring your own Team
• Customer (Prospect family) Relationship Management (CRM)

These actions lead to:

* Defining your prospects
* Segmentation of the market
* Sourcing pupil prospects/families and starting communication with them
* Developing a Master prospect database
* Creating desire for your brand
* Win pupil/family business
* Nourish the parent relationship going forward – and justify getting their referrals

What can it do for me?

Further to an initial review, the marketing professional will develop a range of actions and activities that will be discussed with your team for taking forward to maximise the opportunities and capabilities of your school. This will be to take you to your target audience using the best, most efficient and correct methodologies that you need to be utilising.

We bring insight, experience and a can-do approach to marketing functions and focus on bringing certainty and a strategic approach to your marketing operations. We simultaneously develop and establish your brand in the markets that you need to be in, whether that’s just in your own region here in the UK or into international markets, or both.

What are the processes and developments that the work will establish?

The customer database – the central master repository for all customer and prospect data. Key facts held on each as interaction and information is built. This helps you to understand more about your customers and target them on an individual basis going forward. It must be correct, up to date and easily accessible at any time.
Customer Segmentation - grouping of your customers and potential customers.
Your routes to market – developing the key activities that work for increasing your business.
The marketing channels you need to adopt – by testing of proven, traditional methods that work, as well as adoption of new initiatives.
The marketing funnel – Bringing the universe of potential customers into a pipeline, followed by engagement, building interest and converting a recruit, which can all be measured.


What this delivers for you

This concept gives you your own in-school Marketing Director – but also access to the full support of the Meridian Company’s contacts and quality suppliers.

* A key member of your in-house team – with you for as long as you require to achieve your goals.
* KPI testing (Key Performance Indicators)
* CPA. Cost of Customer Acquisition. This will tell you how much each pupil has cost the business.
* ROI (Return on Investment) - you’ll see value immediately from day one.
* Low risk solution – there is no lengthy contracts, you control the time commitment
* An experienced mentor who can develop your own team and pass on their marketing knowledge.