• 6 January 2016

Significant opportunities for a school’s development, additional pupils and increased revenue can be achieved in the development of a partnership with a top Chinese School.

Meridian have been asked to identify quality British independent schools that would be interested in forming a close working relationship with a top Chinese school, where benefits can be achieved by both parties for the increased business opportunities and revenues this would bring to each of them.

Chinese families and their children are all too familiar with the extreme competitiveness they have of the large classrooms of often 60 pupils, the effort to achieve university entrance thereafter and then to find a job in a country which although has rising affluence is still a very competitive environment for finding a full time position, if at all.

Families that can afford to are sending their children across to western schools in increasing numbers to the USA, Australia and UK, and also to other European destinations, in order to give them the life-changing skill-sets of what the qualifications can mean to them in these countries, along with the personal confidence and university opportunities that are then open. Small wonder they take little interest in outside activities than their academic studies, as they are determined to make their parents sacrifices and efforts in sending them away worthwhile.

Now, it is being recognised by the education authorities in China that top quality schools that have specific standards compatible to the western schools, could be licensed to develop a ‘partnership’ with a British School, which would deliver the same benefits but without children leaving the country, and without the associated high costs.

The Sunday Times’ reported recently:
“AN ELITE British public school is to merge with a state school in China to help bring hundreds of children to top British universities. Wellington College, which was established 150 years ago for the sons of army officers in memory of the Iron Duke, has brokered the first partnership between a British and a Chinese state school.
The pupils, aged 15-19 will be taught mathematics, science and technology A-levels by British teachers, as well as having a Chinese curriculum, with Chinese language and history lessons supervised by Chinese teachers.
The emerging Chinese middle classes have a “huge appetite” for sending their children to Oxbridge and the Russell Group of top UK universities”.

What the Chinese Schools are looking for is exactly this: British qualified teachers from the partner school to go to China to teach the A level curriculum, simultaneous to their own one, and have the access to the learning materials and culture than can be transported.

Schools that can provide this internationalisation are strongly desired by parents who are happy to pay higher fees to get into them, while not having the high costs of sending the child away for several years. It would be likely that in the interests of providing a well-rounded 6th Form course that Chinese students come to spend a period of learning actually in the UK school also. This can be with local homestay/guardianships not necessarily boarding at the school, which is becoming a preferred method of accommodation for families keen for their child to be immersed in the culture and way of life in Britain.

This represents excellent earning opportunities for UK schools, keen to develop their revenues yet often with falling numbers of UK students coming to them. Here, a relationship-build with a Chinese school over a period of time to develop the correct methods and structures to develop an ideal model working for both parties offers the UK school, and their parents and children a new dimension in going into the future. Pupil visits to China, foreign study and cultural understandings brought about within the framework, will generate more interest in the school from British family prospects as well as helping to retain standards, pupil levels and increasing income.

UK schools interested in knowing more about this opportunity should contact Meridian Director Brian Mclean on in the first instance for a confidential discussion.